Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

Dr André Berger uses new techniques, which improve the everyday life of patients suffering from diabetes.

Hormonal deficiency or excess?

Your endocrinologist, Dr André Berger, diagnoses and treats endocrine disorders.

Therapeutic support

For a personalised approach in line with your individual problems with Dr André Berger

Therapeutic support

Exchange knowledge and/or experience to find solutions thanks to therapeutic support

For many years, it has been recognised that treatment of chronic diseases should include transfer of specific knowledge from caregivers to patients (just like from a teacher to a pupil). It was labelled "therapeutic education", a term which unfortunately implies a certain condescension on the part of the one who knows (the caregiver) vis-à-vis the one who does not know (the patient). The latter is hence "subjected" to the advice of their therapist.

Unlike therapeutic education, therapeutic support is an exchange of knowledge or experience between people, who are either on the same path, have the same type of problems, or the same goals, like a patient and their doctor. The purpose of these exchanges is to find solutions for better management of both everyday life and the medium term.

Therapeutic support - Dr André BergerAny chronic problem can be improved through therapeutic support. Let us take the following, for example:

  • Practice of sport by an asthmatic,
  • Management of nocturnal hypoglycaemia in a diabetic,
  • Refusal to accept a disease,
  • Control of food intake with the goal of weight loss,
  • etc.

Therapeutic support can be carried out in pairs (patient + therapist) or in group discussions. I should point out that this therapeutic support has nothing in common with a psychotherapeutic approach.

At Coppet, you will find a personalised approach in line with your individual problem.

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