Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

Dr André Berger uses new techniques, which improve the everyday life of patients suffering from diabetes.

Hormonal deficiency or excess?

Your endocrinologist, Dr André Berger, diagnoses and treats endocrine disorders.

Therapeutic support

For a personalised approach in line with your individual problems with Dr André Berger

Nutrition and sport

A diet plan tailored to your needs to improve your sports performance

The consultation entitled "Nutrition and sports activities" is aimed at all those who take part in or wish to take part in a sports activity. The level of training and performance does not matter.

Proper nutrition enables maximum progress and performance optimisation, promotes recovery and prevents injury.

Nutrition can be subdivided into macro and micro nutrition.

Nutrition and sports activities - Dr André Berger - Coppet

Macronutrition concerns energy intake (in calories or joules) in the form of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Macronutrient intake is also the underlying deciding factor for body composition (percentage of lean mass, body fat and degree of hydration).

Its assessment and optimisation are the first step in nutritional support. It takes into account the bioimpedance measurements (morphotype) as well as necessary allowances and expenses, depending on the type of sports activity practised, its duration and its intensity.

Micronutrition is interested in the elements that do not provide energy, are often present in small quantities and used most often as co-factors in enzyme reactions. These are the vitamins, antioxidants, oligo-elements and trace elements.

These elements are key to optimising the functioning of the human body and therefore provide improvement in certain elements such as endurance, stamina and strength.

Naturally, in terms of the medical context of a nutritional consultation, the macro and micronutrient assessment will be able to be combined with a hormonal evaluation (thyroid tests and androgen axis assessment, etc.)

As part of the consultation on nutrition and sports activities, we assess the nutritional and/or hormonal status with biological screening, then recommend optimal approaches, depending on your individual goals. Particular attention will be paid to not overstepping the borderline between optimisation and doping, and we strictly comply with the rules set out by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Nutrition and sports activities programmes are also provided at the diabetology practice in Coppet.

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