Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

Dr André Berger uses new techniques, which improve the everyday life of patients suffering from diabetes.

Hormonal deficiency or excess?

Your endocrinologist, Dr André Berger, diagnoses and treats endocrine disorders.

Therapeutic support

For a personalised approach in line with your individual problems with Dr André Berger

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine consultations at the medical practice of Dr André Berger in Coppet

Internal medicine covers the patient as a whole. This versatility is without doubt the prime quality of our specialty, but also makes it impossible to offer a single definition for our practice (of internal medicine). Internal medicine is the “medicine of the organs” and deals with the whole human body. It includes activities such as complete checkups to research on (still) asymptomatic diseases, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic diseases.

At the medical practice in Coppet, we strive to practice internal medicine, which complies with the highest quality requirements, working with analytical services laboratories, radiology centres, and guiding and monitoring of patients with acute or chronic polypathological diseases (MCC) alongside colleagues with other specialties in the region.

Insofar as a patient requires a swift consultation, we strive to respond swiftly to their needs, depending on our availability. For safety reasons, life-threatening emergencies should be directed to Nyon Hospital via the 144 emergency number.

Practical information

Rue de la Morâche 9 1260 Nyon
From May 1st 2020
Mon to Fri: 8am - 4pm
Saturday from 9am to 4pm

Home visits.
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